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Norway as First Mover in Green Hydrogen Partnership

Provaris Energy has signed an MOU with Norwegian Hydrogen to collaborate on developing green hydrogen export supply chains in the Nordics and beyond. The agreement is a major milestone for Provaris in achieving first-mover status in the shipping of green H2 to meet future demand in Europe and Asia.

Using Provaris’s proposed H2Neo GH2 maritime carriers, green hydrogen produced in Norway and beyond could be transported in compressed form to northern Europe’s major ports, establishing a ‘robust missing link’ in the green H2 supply chain.

The partnership could also be an important element in realising the REPowerEU ambition of 10mtpa hydrogen imports to the European Union by 2030.

Dr Ulrich Bünger, hydrogen advisor (Germany) for Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP): "Provaris’s technology is a robust missing link almost to tap into these remote sources, which cannot be opened up by a pipeline business."

Per Roed, CTO of Provaris Energy, Dr Ulrich Bünger, hydrogen advisor (Germany) for Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP) and Andrew Keen, Edison’s head of content for energy & resources, industrials, discuss the implications of the Norway agreement and the challenges and opportunities for Provaris.