We're connecting the world to a clean energy future.

Provaris is as an early mover in the future of energy, developing integrated green hydrogen projects for export to regional markets through the simplicity and efficiency of compressed hydrogen.

Compression provides a simple and efficient export carrier for green hydrogen

Compression is a proven, safe and reliable method of storing and transporting hydrogen and is already used in the upstream and downstream hydrogen applications. As an export carrier, compression stores, transports, and delivers hydrogen in a high purity gaseous form. Compressed hydrogen is a modular solution, that can accelerate the development of greenfield export projects due to the minimal technical barriers, small environmental footprint, ability to load follow the renewable energy profile, and by avoiding the energy and capital-intensive processes to convert hydrogen to a liquid or chemical state.

We’re developing safe, sustainable, and efficient supply chains for green hydrogen.

Provaris Circuit Illustration

Our mission is to become a leading developer of integrated green hydrogen projects.

Provaris H2Neo Ship Illustration, side view.
“Provaris represents a dedicated pursuit towards a new era of sustainable, renewable, clean energy that connects the globe and preserves it.”
Martin Carolan
Managing Director & CEO

We’re making the future of green hydrogen accessible through the simplicity and efficiency of compressed hydrogen.

We have developed the design of two Proprietary Gaseous Hydrogen (GH2) Gas Carriers

The 26,000 m3 and 120,000 m3 capacity ships have obtained Approval in Principle from the American Bureau of Shipping. The mature level of the ship design allows Provaris to effectively engage with shipbuilders, regulatory authorities (Class and Flag), and other industry stakeholders.

We have two export projects undergoing feasibility studies:

Tiwi H2

2.8 GW renewable green hydrogen project for export markets into Asia, located on the Tiwi Islands, Northern Australia. The Tiwi H2 project is a fully integrated compressed hydrogen project, controlled by Provaris, with development underway for solar generation, transmission, H2 production and the export of up to 100,000 tonnes per annum of hydrogen targeted for 2026. Provaris is seeking to introduce project partners for offtake, finance, construction and operations.

HyEnergy Project

Located in the Gascoyne coastal region of Western Australia, the HyEnergy project is being developed for export markets into Asia. The development partners are Total Eren and Province Resources. Supported by funding from the Western Australian government, Provaris is completing a feasibility study to demonstrate the technical and commercial advantages of compression for export of the phase one production, being up to 275,000 tonnes per annum