Environmental, Social & Governance

Our ESG Framework

Our vision “We’re connecting the world to a clean energy future” recognises that ESG considerations are inherent to our wider business model and believe that this overarching corporate vision is well-aligned with our sustainability objectives.

In November 2023 Provaris completed an ESG materiality assessment to determine the key sustainability topics that the business and its stakeholders find the most important. This process guides our ESG focus internally and in disclosures, with considerations made regarding our alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

ESG Materiality Map

An ESG materiality map provides an overview of the materiality assessment’s findings. The horizontal axis indicates the topics’ impact on Provaris Energy’s business. The vertical axis indicates the topics’ relevant from a stakeholder perspective. Our most material topics are highlighted at the top right of the map.

Materiality mappingESG Materiality Mapping Chart

Based on the outputs of the ESG Materiality assessment, Provaris has developed an ESG Framework that serves as a tool to identify and prioritise the most relevant and impactful ESG topics for our organisation, and to create a common language around ESG.

The ESG Framework also establishes a structured foundation for establishing related targets and commitments, as well as facilitating reporting on these material topics. By adopting this framework, we aim for a more company-specific, focused and effective approach in formulating our overarching ESG strategy.

Climate Change

We recognise climate-related risks and opportunities are fundamental to our business strategy. We appreciate our role in improving accessibility of renewable energy sources to support the clean energy transition and achieve global climate goals.

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Energy Efficiency

We prioritise energy conservation and recognise the pivotal role of energy efficiency in our operations. We are dedicated to implementing practices that optimise energy usage to enhance operational resilience and minimise our environmental impact.

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Community Development & Engagement

We are dedicated to supporting the communities in which we operate. By fostering strong and mutually beneficial relationships, we aim to be a responsible corporate citizen and make a positive contribution to the overall welfare of the communities we serve.

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Health & Safety

We protect and prioritise the health, safety, and wellbeing of our people. We strive to create a culture of safety throughout the organisation and ensure that safety measures are upheld across our operations.

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Industry Collaboration & Partnerships

We seek to partner and work with others who share our core values and objectives. We believe that creating partnerships is crucial to support industry development and improvement.

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Responsible Procurement

We ensure that our suppliers and business associates act responsibly and ethically. We aim to create a resilient and sustainable supply chain that positively contributes to the communities and environments in which we operate beyond our immediate operations.

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Product Safety & Compliance

We strive to design, produce, and deliver products that adhere to the highest standards of product safety and regulatory compliance. We are dedicated to continuous improvement through rigorous testing, monitoring and adherence to evolving global standards.

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ESG Framework

Anti Bribery/Corruption

We maintain the highest standards of integrity and honesty in our business.

Modern Slavery Act

We adhere to legislative obligations relating to modern slavery and human trafficking.

Diversity and Inclusion

We advocate the principles of an inclusive work environment and a diverse workforce.

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